Every year the Mio waters are stocked with Rainbows and Brown Trout. Years ago they used stock some pretty nice trout in the 8″ range and they did pretty well. Getting up into the lower teens pretty quick. The last number of years DNR management personnel try to feed us the line that these new wild hatchery trout are needed to be stocked small – good one! These little fingerlings dont last long and 4″ trout just feed our big wild Browns of the Trophy Waters.

There is study being done now and clipping all these little runt trout. Trout this little they have one use – feeding our big trout! Hopefully some day management group wakes up and raises us some quality stockers. This week the chum is coming to Mio! Great time to hunt for big browns with 4″ streamer that look like trout. Here is one of my favorite patterns – 4″ jointed Great Lakes Deceiver in rainbow colors.