Michigan’s fabled Au Sable River is world renowned for its brown trout fishing.  However, it can be really frustrating to go there and struggle to catch a decent sized fish.  Our guide service focuses on targeting big browns on different stretches of the Au Sable, especially the “Big Waters.”  We use big streamers and fish with mice and Hex patterns at night.

Check out our page on the Au Sable River to learn about the different sections we fish and the best times to fish them.

The Hex Hatch on the Au Sable River

The heat of summer June, July and August – night time is the time for big brown trout!  It all starts in June with night time dry fly fishing on the Brown Drake, Isonychia and Hex Hatch. As dark falls, you wait to hear the big fish line up to feed.  The rises to the 2″ Hexagenia mayflies can be thunderous splashes or dainty sips.  The Hex Hatch provides one of the greatest challenges in fly fishing–casting in the dark to a fish you know is huge then waiting for the rise. Pause. Don’t set yet. Let the fish inhale it.  Then set!  It tries the nerves of even the most experienced fly anglers.

Mousing on the Au Sable River

Once these hatches are over in mid July then its time to break out our mouse patterns and surface streamers.  Big browns are nocturnal.  So are mice.  Throw a big mouse and make it push water as you strip it back and often you’ll find it attacked by a giant brown trout.

Brown Trout on Arkansas’ White River

From January to March, we head south to chase giant brown trout on Arkansas’ White River and Norfork River.  Check out our ArkansasStreamside.com website for more details.

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