We fish the Betsie for migratory salmonids–salmon and steelhead.  The lower Betsie experiences some of the best runs of king salmon in the fall and steelhead in the spring.  The sections we fish are away from the crowds and provide dynamite fishing (without using dynamite, of course).

Interested in fresh Salmon? Come float the Betsie River, near Traverse City, with us in late August and throughout Septempber. This is the best river Salmon fishing I have seen in the Great Lakes region!

March is steelhead time on the Betsie.  This is probably the hottest river in Michigan during this time of year, with good numbers of fish and wonderful solitude.  Steelhead on a fly rod provide the greatest challenge in terms of enticing fish to bite and then battling them in tight confines.  If you haven’t tried steelhead fishing yet, give us a call and we can introduce you to freshwater fly fishing’s most rewarding gamefish.