The products we sell are what I use personally and for my guide service. This time of year 2 rods that are in my boat every day are the Winston 9′ 5wt and 6wt BIII Plus.

The 5wt Plus has turned into my favorite rod on the Hex Hatch and for other big dries. Here in Michigan just a great rod for chasing trophy brown trout! Rod has lots of power for fighting big trout or making long cast. What I really love about this rod is there is also some nice flex in the front third of rod. How do you beat lots of power and a nice smooth Winston action! The 5wt also is ideal for smaller streamers and we have been using it on Smallmouth Bass and Trout with our crayfish and sparkle minnow patterns. While in Arkansas this past winter it was a great nymphing rod on the White River when indicator and some lead was needed.

The 6wt is just a do everything rod! Great rod for night time dry flies and the hex. In my boat have Bauer SST6 reel with two spools. One with 6wt glow floating line and the other with a Streamer Max 200 grain. So smooth and easy rod to cast with the streamer line. My go to rod for summer Trout and Smallmouth Bass streamer fishing.

If anyone wants to cast these can sure meet you on the river. We are a Winston and Bauer dealer and these models are in stock now.