I will be down to do some night fish this August on the White River and been talking to friends of late about how this awesome river is fishing.  Here is current report by guide Hunter Dismore from Dismore Guide Service 870-321-6121

Today’s bite on the white river was a little bit tougher. Until those bugs came out! We kept on an indicator because numbers were what they wanted until I finally convinced him to throw a dry. Needless to say our water flows have been weird and has made for some interesting days and a challenge during the day. Minimum flow in the morning and huge pushes in the evening. Jeff got one after I convinced him to spend the last 15 minutes of the day on a dry! Sure as can be he hooked one and it was time to go! These big pushes of water have made for some fun late afternoon / evening sulphur fishing. The last 2 days I took a drift boat due to water being so low. The first day it did not work in my favor and the 2nd day I gotta a good half a day in before the water got big and pushed me out! If you want to throw dries now is the time!