Spring has been slow in coming this April! Just when it starts to get here, it goes back to cold and that looks like the case for the few days. As I’m typing now it is starting to snow! Cool weather and some rain is not all bad for the fishing this time of year. Ideal conditions for streamer fishing for big Browns and also its keeps bright silver Steelhead moving into the lower river. April 27th – Brad and Steven fished a long day with me and a split trip of chasing steelhead and then stripping streamers for big Browns. We had some good action on both. A few extra people around being Michigan’s opening day of trout season (but our water is open year round). Love getting anglers new to area and new to streamer fishing into some quality fish.

Many are looking to dry fly fishing but that has not been going in the Big Waters of the Au Sable River yet. The Hendrickson Hatch is our first major hatch and it sure can get some big Browns rising in the afternoon/evening but its not here yet. Have had a few coming off the upper Au Sable but nothing major yet. Looks like next week will be ideal conditions for that hatch – need warm and wet. Currently its been a excellent streamer bite of late!

Water levels are up and temps are right around 50 degrees. That makes for some very active trout. This coming week the Mio water will be stocked with Brown Trout and Rainbows. For more info on that go to our new blog at: https://michigan-streamside.com/trout-stocking-coming-to-the-big-waters-of-the-au-sable-this-week/ With the water levels remaining up we have been sticking to the big stuff of late and good action. Still fishing our 8wts with Airflo Streamer Max sink tip and lots of Great Lakes Deceivers, large sculpins and stocked trout imitations.

Hunting big Browns with streamers typically will continue until big hatches and or lower water levels. Will be posting lots of hatch reports when they start.