Been having a great time chasing Atlantic Salmon on the Au Sable and Thunder Bay Rivers! Both tributaries of Lake Huron get an excellent run. At first most thought of this fish to just enter rivers for a fall spawning run but it’s been more than that. Been fishable numbers since late September thru now! Will they be around in May – could be. These love to chase down it prey. Stripping and swinging different types of baitfish pattern and goby patterns has been most productive. Below is a photo from Thunder River in Alpena.

Two handed fly rods are very effective and my favorite is the Winston 11’6″ 6wt BIII TH. For lines the Airflo Skagit Scout in 480 grain is perfect and then add 10′ sink tip of T-8. Below is from the Au Sable River in mid April.

I have put in a lot time on these Lake Huron run Atlantic Salmon and getting them dialed in. Floating lines on our short Two Handers with long leaders and small weight streamer has also been effective. Going to be stripping some flies around the pier heads/shoreline this coming weeks as water temps are climbing fast – looking for those bright silver ones in feeding on minnows. So looking forward to late September for the start of our fall run. For those looking for fall dates for guided trips now is the time to get them in my calendar.