Spring continues to be cool here in Northern Michigan and bright steelhead keep coming!  May has been some very good fishing in the lower river and very light angling pressure.  Typically by now water could be in upper 50’s but not so this year and currently in the lower 50’s.  Still good number of fresh Steelhead continue to move in every week now.  Here are some photos from late week from Eric’s and Kelly’s boat!

There are also drop backs on the way out.  In this cool water these drop back steelhead will feed heavy and excellent fighters.  The deep fast gravel runs is place to fish now and holds the best quality fish.  Water levels are staying up with weekly rains of late.  All of this means steelhead fishing till June!  Next week more steelhead will be stocked and also our Atlantic Salmon.  All these small fish in the river makes it an excellent time to streamer the very lower river near Oscoda.  Currently there are some huge Smallmouth Bass around along with Walleyes, Lake Trout and Atlantic Salmon.

Lots of predators at mouth and hard to beat our Great Lakes Deceivers in cotton candy, rainbow and chartreuse.  Here is some more Steelhead for this Spring on the Au Sable.