Some years the Brown Drake hatch can blow thru the entire Au Sable River very quickly but then we get years like this one! Going to get over two weeks out of these Drakes this year. Early heat got them going in late May/early June and then came all the cold nights. A trickle hatch and spinner fall but of late entire mainstream has been going very well with these hatches and spinner fall starting just before dark. Spinner falls have been lasting into darkness and hatch returns late night.

Below are the two bugs that have produced the best of Brown Drake spinner and a Iso dun. The water below Mio dam the Brown Drakes are fading fast but Iso are just getting going. With cool water right now this hatch can be very productive in all of the Mio water.

The best browns do come after dark on these hatches this time of year. On the cold nights when bugs are gone early it’s time to break out the mouse patterns. Below are some our most productive patterns.