A great time of the year with fresh run Kings coming in from Lake Michigan to many tributaries here in NW Michigan. With the cold nights late August had some huge pushes of Kings running up the Betsie River. These fresh run fish can be very aggressive and hard biters. Our best method is crankbaits and bobbers/skein with the use of spinning & casting rods. Strippin streamers and swinging leech patterns will also work but not nearly as effective for hard biters.

Currently on the Betsie River the past few days King fishing has been a tough bite with low numbers of fresh Kings. But still a few! Hot days and warm nights with no rain have been the problem. Last week’s big push has moved way up into the upper river which isn’t the quality salmon fiahing in my opinion. We still getting some good ones! Here is few photo’s from my boat and Cameron’s boat this week in the heat.

The good news is this summer like weather pattern is coming to an end this weekend. A couple days of rain and north winds is in the forecast! Should get a good push of fresh fish coming in. We still have a few guides open for anyone interested in a float trip for Kings till Oct 7th. After that is all about Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout and Steelhead on the Au Sable in NE Michigan.