For those looking for Big Brown Trout this is the time to float all night long! Mouse and frog patterns are top producers in the heat of our Michigan summer. This is the season where day time feeding is really not ideal for Big Browns – sunny, warm, low water, clear, small hatches and plenty of people around. But come dark it’s the ideal time of summer for Big Browns to go on the prowl for large meal like a mouse. Here is DJ on his first night time mousing float with a beautiful Au Sable Brown Trout. Got to a love a 13 year old with the passion for Big Brown and fished till 3am!

For this fishing we are using a fast action 7-8wt with glow floating line. My favorite line for mousing is the SA Frequency Magnum taper. This will make casting even a large mouse pattern very easy. Slow and steady on the retrieve and no setting the hook at noises. Wait to you feel that trout and a strip set. Sometimes easier said that done!