Fresh run Atlantic Salmon continue to come into the lower Au Sable River from Lake Huron. The lower river had been running extremely low but good rains on Wednesday did bring river about a foot. This increase in flow did bring more Atlantics in but also scattered them and bite was not the best this week. Steelhead having been moving in this week also and we are starting to hook them most days now. The lower Au Sable never has been a real early run river for for Fall Steelhead typically November is good and December is even better! Looks to be right on schedule this year. For best Atlantic Salmon bite stable conditions is what they like. Look to the cover around the gravel runs and often not in the deep water. They love sitting in logs like Brown Trout do. Here is a beautiful fresh run Atlantic that Bill landed last week in the lower river swinging a very small minnow pattern.

These Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead love minnows and sculpins this time of year. With the gin clear water these fish can spot these patterns from a distances and swinging them thru upper water column is most productive. Even at times skating patterns on the surface has been productive!

Here is one of my very productive rigs for the lower river. 12’3″ 7wt Winston Air two handed fly rod with Airflo Rage Compact floating fly line, polyleader 5′ sink with 2x flouro tippet. Streamers: sparkle minnnow, zoo cougar, mud puppet, leech.

The Rage Compact is one of my favorite lines this time of year. We keep this line in stock and there is always one loaded up on a reel in my boat.

A hybrid head, the Rage bridges the gap between Skagit and Scandi heads. Its thick tip and aggressive taper turn over any leader/fly combination imaginable. Available in sizes to suit trout spey on up to heavy 8 weights. Features Power Core and printed, color-coded welded loops for easy line identification.