This is just a great time of the year to fish the Au Sable River and Northern Michigan! Such a mild start to November but looks like we getting back to normal here real soon. Entire Au Sable system has been running low this fall but finally a nice rain this past weekend and river did bump up a bit. Trout are coming into post spawning period thru the entire river and this is a great time to strip streamers. After spawning the Big Browns are looking for a big meal and gray days of November and December are ideal for hunting for big trout.

Trout fishing Sunday with Bill and Dave in the Big Water of the Au Sable had a few Big Browns chasing our streamers and came so close to hooking up. Did get one good pictured below. Dungeons and peanuts in natural and olive got by far the most action. With recent rain conditions are ideal right now.

Atlantic Salmon continue to be excellent in the lower river and should last thru at least mid December. Been a lot of fish spawning and good to get some of that over with. Post spawning is a great time for these Atlantics as they start feeding heavy and many take there time heading back to Lake Huron. The recent spike in water from weekend rains did bring few more Steelhead into the river and they should continue to build in numbers. Here is photos from the past couple weeks! Should more Coho still to come also and last year many showed up in mid December.