It’s that time of year again – opening day of upland hunting season is just a little over a month away. That means cast and blast! There is no better way to spend a great day in the Michigan outdoors! We have great options for cast and blast. Michigan gets one of best woodcock migration in the country along with one of the best grouse populations in the country. This makes for some great opportunities to spend the day in the woods with some great dogs.

We have two English Setters and two Black Labs to work with at Michigan Streamside. So we got it covered from great pointing dogs to great retrieving in flushing dogs. We also offer some great waterfowl opportunities. On the Betsie river and the Au sable river.

We can set up a trip for a hunt in the morning and fish after lunch, or we can do a full day hunt one day and fish a full day the next day. Half day options are available also.

For the the fishing part we have so much to offer. The opener of grouse season is September 15 and it is also great time to chase king salmon!! There are still great opportunities for trout fishing as well.

Mid October we shift gears and head back over to the Beautiful Au Sable river to chase Atlantic salmon, steelhead and trophy brown trout on streamers.

The month of November is my favorite time to grouse hunt. Woodcock season is over, but we still have the best part of the grouse season still open and the woods to ourselves until deer season. November is also great timing for atlantic salmon, steelhead run is going on the lower Au sable and trophy browns.

How every you want it set up, we can do it. We provide a hot lunch on the full day trips.

Come enjoy all that Michigan’s great outdoors has to offer!