Typically this is salmon time for me in Northwest Michigan and guiding for river Kings. Current heat wave has that on hold until we get a change of weather and some good north winds on Lake Michigan.

What is going strong is river Smallmouth Bass here in Northeast Michigan. Current heat and full moon is just ideal time for good Smallies on streamer and even more so on top water.  Daytime fishing is streamer time but once direct sun comes off river in the evening its time to go top water.

Hard to beat popper fishing for these Smallies and my favorites are Boogle Bugs, Zudbubbler and Umpqua.  The last hour or so before dark look rising Bass and dry fly fishing.  Currently dark hex and ephron (white fly) are hatching and Smallies really like these two Mayflies.  Currently moon is huge and going to be full tomorrow. During this period Smallies love feeding after dark.  Once hatch and spinner falls are over its time to go back to poppers.  Key is don’t over pop. Fish hit most of time after popping a few time and let it sit still.

Currently the Au Sable is extremely warm and trout fishing is not going well.  Going to need some cooler weather first and it’s in the forecast for late this coming week.  Hopefully can get on the White Fly hatch then in the Mio water.

Moon phase is extremely bright river now and we have stopped night time mousing for Brown Trout.  Late in the week should be ideal and start of another darker period. We will be hitting it hard again then on some smaller cold water streams.