I’m back from 3 months of guiding on the White River in Northern Arkansas and its full time chasing steelhead, brown trout, lake trout, atlantic salmon, northern pike and smallmouth bass on Lake Huron and the Au Sable River!

A little different kind of Spring around here so far and I’m liking it! Snow and ice has been gone for a month now and even the swamps that feed the Au Sable are all melted out. Run off from melt down is even gone now and normally right now we are in the peak of that run off. Current conditions have been very good for the Steelhead fishing in the lower Au Sable. Had real good rain just after Easter and flows came way up but back to normal now. In the clear water of the lower river increased water is a good thing but now we waiting for the next rain. Slight stain right now and most of the fish are in the deep runs and dark holes. Have been some fish around spawning and leave already but bulk of our run is just coming now and should be good to at least mid May. That’s Lake Huron spring run steelhead! Nice to see our size keep going up the last couple years and Lake Huron is growing some wonderful sized Steelhead now a days.

For those looking for my split guided trips with steelhead in the morning and then chasing big browns in afternoon upriver on Hendrickson hatch I do still have some dates open the first two weeks of May. This one is for those that like long day on the water! If interested text, call or email: 989-889-5374 or [email protected]

There are few Atlantic Salmon in the river now and love spring run fish. Bright silver and they love to eat flies. Most of them our between Oscoda and pier heads and I will be done there this week swinging some streamers for them and fishing some jig patterns down deep.

Here is some beautiful Steelhead and Atlantics from the last couple days in my boat!