Often I talk about Spring as the first hint of it in mid March which is great time for Steelhead and Big Browns but that season is still not for everyone. Many think of a nice warm day in May and its a great time to come on a guided fly fishing here in North East Michigan. We got a lot of options this time of year: trout dry fly fishing on the Au Sable on the Hendrickson Hatch, Big Smallmouth Bass on the shoreline of Lake Huron, Steelhead plus a shot at Atlantic Salmon and river Smallmouth Bass.

Lake Huron has wonderful Smallmouth Bass and mid May/early June is the time to target them.

Lake Huron Smallmouth Bass

Late April in upper Au Sable or early May in the Big Water of the Au Sable is the kick off of our first major hatch and dry fly fishing. The Hendrickson hatch is afternoon/evening hatch and spinner fall. This is one hatch where big Browns can be rising in the day light! Not always the most common thing on the Au Sable. This is also a great time to streamer fishing for Browns and Smallmouth Bass.

The lower Au Sable River is noted as being one of the latest Steelhead runs in the lower peninsula of Michigan. These fish come from Lake Huron along with a few spring time Atlantic Salmon. May is often peak time and many like it because much warmer than April and bright silver fish. I also have done a number of trips where we fish Steelhead in the morning and then go dry fishing for Browns in the late afternoon.