We are just coming out of Fall and into Winter here in Northern Michigan. This time of year is noted for low water and even more so this year. Small streamers are so effective for so many fish here on the Au Sable and basically everywhere they swim – Trout, Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon. Often you will have different runs and pools that require different setups to get your fly the need depth.

Airflo Polyleader, Sink Tips and Flo Tips are ideal when for this whether you’re fishing a single handed trout rod (4-6wt) in small river for trout or a two handed rod (6-9wt) swing for steelhead. The Polyleaders are very easy to attach to floating line and with couple different lengths you got it covered.

Or easy to go from a floating line to a sink tip. Many days trout fishing this time of year you will want to fish both in the same day. I have used the Airflo floating Streamer line or Universal Power Taper line and both work ideal with the sink leaders. For the Steelhead anglers the Flo Tips are ideal to attach to a Skagit line on a two handed rod. So simple to change quickly for the need depth. The Airflo Skagit Flo Tips are a range of highly versatile hybrid sinking tips that combine an intermediate section and a heavy tungsten sink tip for smoother casts. Looped at both ends for easy connections and color coded for line identification.