The big trout have started to move in close around shoreline structure in Lake Huron. Every year in November as the lake starts to cool down in comes a variety of different bait fish. Emerald shiners are the ones that get the most attention and come in big numbers. This migration brings in also a lot of fish looking to eat and sets up well for the fly angler. The last couple weeks walleyes and Lake Trout have been showing up around a lot of marinas, river mouths, piers and rocky structures around first drop off. Lake Huron is so clear now a days that best fishing is during or just after heavy winds. This can make for tough or brutal fishing conditions. Stripping or jigging baitfish patterns can be very productive and my Great Lakes Deceiver is one my most productive streamers. There is so much small food in Lake Huron now a days that the last couple years dropping down to 2-3″ shiner and perch patterns has also produced.

There are so many good places to fish this time of year and below is Rogers City. Hammond Bay, Thunder Bay, Harrisville, Oscoda and Tawas Bay are my favorites. Some good place down around the thumb also and south.