Strange December here in North East Michigan and we have yet to get Winter! A couple little batches of snow but it all melted Christmas Day with temps pushing 50. Thats one thing about our fishing seasons is its not based on the calendar but on the current weather. One of my favorite places to fish in December is the shoreline of Lake Huron – some years a frozen mess and other years its just so ideal to strip streamers for big trout! Normally ice is coming by now in the marines and bays but wide open this year. Perch, Emerald Shiners and Shad are the biggest diet for these Lake Trout this time of year and these can all load up on the Shoreline this time of year. Here video of millions of baby perch and shiners all piled up about 4-6 feet thick.

Here is what just one Lake Trout had in his belly! Up to 6″ shad along with some shiners and small perch. Once you locate bait you will find Lake Trout feeding heavy.

Gizzard Shad are very common in Lake Huron and show up in big numbers along the shoreline this time of year. My Great Lakes Deceiver is the perfect pattern for these and very effective in perch colors and chartreuse/white. Our 4″ articulated Mara Deceiver in grey/white has also been top producer. Rattlin Murdich Minnow will sure produce also! They can be purchased on this site at: