Forth week of Hex Hatch is starting now and hopefully it will keep going strong for a couple more! Currently we are in major cool down here in Northern Michigan and finally some much needed rain. The last couple nights fishing has been tougher and mostly hatching hex with very few spinners due to cold/rain. This cool down was just what the rivers needed here! Water levels have been very low and getting warm. Now back in great shape! Here is one from last night fishing hatch just after dark. No spinner fall and got a couple to eat our Regan Hex Hatcher dry fly before in all ended a bit early around midnight.

Cool weather leads to less bugs but sometime that is good thing. Scott below got this beautiful Brown on a very light spinner fall and there much easier to hook! No sitting on them till 4am. As we get closer and into July many sections of the Au Sable and other river hex will be winding done. Still some July hatches coming and typically produce some of our larger Browns. The key is moving into cold water streams that did not start in early June. As for how long some the sections will last on the Au Sable best thing to do is just keep fishing!