It has been so dry here in NE Michigan all of September and October. Every time rain is in forecast it just sprinkles and that has put the entire Au Sable River system in very low state. Finally some decent rain the last couple days! Could still use a lot more but at least its a start. Not sure on total amount but probably not over an inch. I’m sure higher flows wont last long but at least river did come up and this should bring more fish in from Lake Huron. Water temps are in the middle 50’s which is still a bit warm but heading in the right direction.

Got a great combination now in the lower Au Sable River – Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead and Coho! Hard to beat this and the increased numbers of Coho have been very cool to see. Management of the lower river and Lake Huron has been excellent of late. We have always had some wild Coho coming in from Lake Huron and now stocking of these fish has really worked out well. The last couple years wild Steelhead numbers have been up and now starting to see more fin clipped Steelhead as well!

Here is beautiful steelhead that was caught swinging the fly on a two handed fly rod. Small bait fish streamers, intruders, sculpins and leeches have all been productive. With so much structure/logs in the lower river this is a great method. Steelhead and Atlantics love hit around logs and the use of different sink tips you can swing right over of all the logs.

Love these early Atlantic Salmon and some can be so aggressive right now. Best time before and after spawning – feeding time!

Larger Coho run has been a nice addition to the Au Sable River. Much better fish for the fly angler than a King and its so cool to see these doing well in Lake Huron. Small streamers have produced well. Sparkle Minnow in pearl/white and copper, leeches in purple and black, krystal buggers and muddlers have all produced.