Good dry fly fishing continues on the Au Sable River! Sulphur hatch is in full swing now size 14 thru 18 and best time frame has been the evening hours to dark. Look for spinner falls as light starts to fade. Of late is lots of yellow bug – sulphur, light hendrickson, march browns and a few big yellow cahills. Top patterns of late has been Roberts Yellow Drake, Regan Sulphur Spinner and Regan Rusty Spinner. Drakes are coming soon and it wont be long for dry fly fishing in the dark!

When no hatches coming off or no trout rising got a few good options now. Streamers can also produce! This weekend on a float down the South Branch of the Au Sable dry fishing was not going much we went to stripping streamers – produced a couple beautiful Browns!

This time of year some of good options when hatches are coming off: Stone fly with Iso nymph dropper, over sized attractors patterns of drakes, little muddlers/buggers just under surface and crayfish patterns. All can produce a good trout!

Been fishing the Winston Air 2 9′ 5wt with a Bauer RVR 4/5 fly reel. Turned in my favorite dry fly setup on the Au Sable for the current small flies. Been using 4x and 5x tippets and been handling them very nice.