Something new for this year – offering guided fly fishing trips on Lake Huron streamer fishing for big Trout! I been fly fishing the shoreline of Lake Huron for the past 20 years plus and November/December is the time. Location depending on conditions: Oscoda, Tawas Bay, Alpena/Thunder Bay, Hammond Bay and Harrisville. When i first started fishing the shoreline in the fall it was all about catching a giant Brown Trout. Now a days a bit different and you never know what might eat our streamers – Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead, Smallmouth, Whitefish and Walleye. What we targeting most days and they are plentiful is Lake Trout. The last couple years Brown Trout numbers have been increasing and really looking forward to fishing them this fall.

Here is Michigan Outdoors TV episode where we were streamer fishing for Lake Trout in Tawas Bay! Love these big trout when feeding heavy in shallow water.