Have had a great couple months chasing these Atlantic Salmon around the Au Sable!  Currently they are still around in low numbers but some are very aggressive now.  These post spawning Atlantics are looking for food now and they love to eat minnows and sculpins in the river.  These fish are so perfectly suited for the fly angler.  Bouncing egg flies and nymphs on the bottom, like many do for steelhead, can work but not a very productive method.  Small minnow, little shad and emerald shiner streamer patterns can all be very productive.  Atlantics love to ignore us and our flies – often you think they will never bite!  When the bight stuff doesn’t work time for goby and sculpin patterns.  Its shocking how the right fly they will just crush it!

This awesome colored up buck with a mouthful of streamer!  Two very popular trout streamers have produced very – Galloup’s Peanut Envy and Dungeon.  These Atlantics sure love to sculpins in the river. We do stock these patterns in our online sales: https://066.7eb.myftpupload.com/product-category/flies/streamers/kelly-galloup-streamers/

We fished a lot of minnow patterns this fall and my favorites were the Coffey’s CH sparkle minnow.  This beautiful buck above ate the sculpin color with has a lot of gold in it. We do stock these patterns in our online sales at: https://066.7eb.myftpupload.com/product-category/flies/streamers/sparkle-minows/

Here current photos from this week and Cliff with a beautiful hen! We got 4 that day to eat our streamers and a nice steelhead below the Max landed.

Here some others from November and December!