Not even past the mid way point of August and it just has that feeling Fall is coming soon! Plenty of rain and no heat waves of late. Even had a night down in the 40’s this week. Kings are coming close to our rivers in the Northwest Michigan. Big Browns are active at night right now and the next three weeks is often the best of the Summer for mousing. Here of late my day time guided float trips is all about Smallmouth Bass! The last 6 weeks of Summer is peak time for these river Smallies and currently the fishing is very good. Afternoon streamers and you sure dont need heavy sink tip fly lines now. Airflo Streamer Max in 200 grain is ideal on a 6wt and easy to cast. No power stripping but keep streamer moving – stop it at times and let it swing is very productive. For streamers of late its been hard to beat our Rattling Murdich Minnow. Also crayfish patterns, sparkle minnows, zoo cougar and Great Lakes Mara-Deceiver have all produced well. Evenings is the time for floating lines and smaller patterns – sparkle minnows and crayfish patterns. As the sun comes off the water, top water and dry flies have produced so well of late – poppers, dark hex dries, ephron parachutes, hoppers and stoneflies. Here is some photos from the last couple weeks here in Northeast Michigan!