Great Lakes Deceiver – MaraDeceiver 4 inch – Cotton Candy


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The Great Lakes Deceiver is a pattern that we have developed that is extremely effective for many species and one of our favorites here in Michigan for trophy trout, smallmouth bass and salmon.  New variation of one of our most productive patterns and 4″ long.  Marabou has been used along with buck tail giving the fly more action at slow speed.  Fly is not weighted at all and ideal for running just below surface or with a heavy sink non weight fly has lots of action with slow strip. The marabou version is built up giving the fly a much larger profile in the water and the long tails give a great action.  With these color combos these are one of our go to flies when looking for trophy browns on the Au Sable River, King Salmon on the Betsie River and fly fishing the shoreline of Lake Huron & Lake Michigan for trophy trout & salmon.